Social Responsibility

NCT has undertaken social investment initiatives aimed at bringing new hope and opportunity to previously disadvantaged communities. 

Programmes are driven by NCT’s desire to improve the quality of life in these communities and to empower individuals and communities to build self-sufficiency and sustainability in the long term.

Its selection of projects reflect the organisation’s understanding of current good practice and hopefully make a difference to the most vulnerable in our communities.

NCT invests 1% of its pre-tax profit in community programmes.  All projects are assessed prior to approval, on a case-by-case basis and are required to have documented objectives. 

To date, NCT has reached out to over 70 communities in KwaZulu-Natal and Mpumalanga focussing on:

•           Literacy and education (with particular focus on early childhood development);

•           Welfare of the most vulnerable especially orphans and HIV infected children.

•           Special needs equipment for the physically- and mentally-challenged.

•           Food security with the establishment of vegetable gardens.

•           Small business development.

•           Basic infrastructure at schools and home run crèches.

NCT has also forged partnerships with

  • Pietermaritzburg Community Chest
  • Durban Community Chest
  • SAME Foundation (Section 18a company focussing on health care)
  • Living Hands (Section 21 company assisting communities in Richards Bay
  • LETCEE (focussing on early childhood development)
  • Midlands Meander Education Programme
  • Singakwenza Education & Health

Another aspect of NCT’s corporate responsibility programme is caring for the environment.
Key areas are:

Responding to Climate Change

Biodiversity conservation

NCT supports SPCA